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It's not about the challenge itself...

It is about your response to it...


Even in the best of times companies faces challenges, regardless of industry size, age or financial history.  The effect a given challenge has on a company or its team seldom equates to the source of the "pain".  More often than not the outcome is dictated by the response to it, if not the anticipation of or preparation for it.  
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Most business owners / founders have a compelling strategy for their company.  The question is, when was it created and is it fundable?


Regardless of the age of a company or its present there can always be more revenue, but where to find it?   getting to the next level often requires different tactics than those that got you to where you are...


Attracting investors is about more than finding someone that shares your vision.  It is often about adjusting your tactics and filling gaps to align with their priorities... 

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