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Personal Development...

Whether you're starting or growing a company the proper mindset is critical.  This especially includes a focus on "the prize" and an ability to connect with all of the stakeholders that will impact your future.  The following are a few resources we deploy with our teams.

Dale Carnegie's masterpiece remains on of the most effective tools to teach human beings to understand, connect and compromise in the identification and pursuit of common goals.  Written in 1936 this classic is as compelling and relevant today as when Mr. Carnegie put his wisdom into print.


Think and Grow Rich is Napeleon Hill's masterful compilation of the wisdom that drove the builder's of American industry in the early 20th century.  Hill's interviews with Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Charles Schwab, J.P. Morgan and others resulted in a collection of anecdotes insights that form the basis of most, if not all professional development today.  A MUST for any motivated professional!

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