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Growth Stage

Where your company falls on its growth trajectory

will often dictate its most immediate challenges...

Growth Stage

Like most organisms, companies are born and in many case eventually die.  The bigger question is for how long and to what heights they'll grow along the way.  At each stage in their lives they have different needs in terms of capitalization, expertise, systems, market presence, etc.  The question for any company is, do you have what you need to get to the next level?
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Most startups survive on the passion and determination of a few people committed to changing the world in some form or fashion.  Realizing that vision requires much more however...


Once a company survives its launch its challenges typically are just beginning.  What it takes to scale a company is very different from what it took to launch it.  It takes capital, systems, people and more...


In an ever-changing universe it is inevitable that a company will have to pivot.  It could be to overcome an external event beyond anyone's control or to take advantage of new opportunities

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